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Javier Armando Rivera

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Javier A Rivera

My name is Javier Armando Rivera. As a father I was moved to compile a body of work inspired by my pain and struggle with my divorce, accompanied with the deliberate separation from my children. As a DJ, Poet, Graffiti Writer, Artist and B Boy, I use different mediums to express emotions that go beyond my surface to convey the vulnerable side of my manhood. The Child Support Tour was initiated as a Twitter hashtag. The hashtag gathered attention and requests from other fathers looking for a like minded platform for self expression. My mission since my separation from my family have been to gather, not only financial support to provide my family with assistance, but to gather community resources to promote substance within the time spent for pro active fathers in the lives of their children.

This book provides binoculars for a full view of the soul of a father. Simultaneously, these words allow the foreseeable future of wounded men, and, provide a closer look at how the guarded heart of a man is ill perceived by broken women. This book depicts a journey into self which proves that despite all odds set against him, a man can not only maintain, but sustain his heart and remain tougher for it. Through pain, tests, trials, prayers, long suffering, compassion, and forgiveness the road that led this Brooklyn bred Hiphop head to fatherhood, divorce, and newfound coping strategies through art, are shared in The Child Support Tour. By turning pain into paint, paperwork into poetry, and tears into songs, this book is the testimony of a man who is rebuilding, rekindling, redesigning, redeveloping and most importantly redefining what it means to be a father in the 21st Century.


Music has the power to heal and uplift our spirits. DJs play a crucial role in creating the perfect atmosphere for any event. Proper music selection can enhance the mood and create a memorable experience for everyone involved. Let us help you find the perfect DJ for your next event. Dads advocating for Fathers and helping them be proper dads. 

I loved my dad he was a good father. He is an example to all fathers.

Fathers are needed 

Fathers matter

Fathers are important

Fathers are significant

dont forget good dads and good fathers.  

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