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The Child Support for Dads who bring presence not just presents

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Mami Provi Elder Leader


The Art of Loving My Children Through Divorce

written and illustrated by

Javier Armando Rivera aka The Brass King.

This is not only a literary submission limited to your local bookstore, but a beacon message of a movement for men who are displaced from their families. This work addresses the five senses. Through this book there is a current movement for fathers that can be displayed at pop-up galleries through it's visual component, it can be heard at venues through it's spoken word element, and it will be felt and inspiring through it's written word and real life experience.

What Readers Are Saying


5.0 out of 5 stars 

REQUIRED reading for every MAN forcibly separated from his children...

Reviewed in the United States on September 1, 2020

Verified Purchase

...And for every woman who contributes to the separation. Many times while reading this book I was tempted to look away so as not gawk at his nakedness. I appreciate being invited to witness this leg of Javier's journey and to get a glimpse of what real courage is... And what it is not. One cannot help but to be moved by his raw pureness of expression... in all it's forms. They say that pain inspires the best art. If that is true, then this love letter to his babies is Bekay's masterpiece. Sending energy of forgiveness, protection & healing to his entire family, especially his children.


This book showcases his love and devotion to his kids in the medium he is the most comfortable, through his first love— drawings, poetry and music. It is a beautiful example of how a father’s love for his children doesn’t end with the dissolution of a marriage. His fight is REAL and needs to be highlighted for the sake of the children he adores.

D n A's Mom

There are so many words to say; however I will say that I AM reading this book of the vulnerability of a father’s love for his children, and how the impact of choices and decisions made by ourselves, and others can change the dynamic of raising our children. Often times, we hear only the side of the woman’s journey, and our struggles with raising children as single parents with the question orbiting around “where is the father?” We do not hear the father’s story really; perhaps it’s not as important in the eyes of society - but our children’s behavior is proving otherwise due to fathers that are intentionally and systematically being separated from their child(ren) lives. @thechildsupporttour has opened his heart to share his journey, along with I AM sure countless men that is experiencing or have experienced similar situations. The artwork is phenomenal! Place your order!!

C Witherspoon

This book represents a part of society that is not celebrated enough, and that is a vulnerable man and Father stepping out of his comfort zone and putting himself in the middle to have the world look at divorce and its affects on the entire family from a true Fathers perspective. The author captures all ages and backgrounds with his heart work through poetry, art and written testaments. He affirms that there can be change and growth and this is why I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone because we all deal with some level of family dysfunction and can all take a page from what Mr. Rivera has so thoughtfully and provokingly expressed through his many mediums.

C Thomas

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