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This book provides binoculars for a full view of the soul of a father. Simultaneously, these words allow the foreseeable future of wounded men, and, provide a closer look at how the guarded heart of a man is ill perceived by broken women. This book depicts a journey into self which proves that despite all odds set against him, a man can not only maintain, but sustain his heart and remain tougher for it. Through pain, tests, trials, prayers, long suffering, compassion, and forgiveness the road that led this Brooklyn bred Hiphop head to fatherhood, divorce, and newfound coping strategies through art, are shared in The Child Support Tour. By turning pain into paint, paperwork into poetry, and tears into songs, this book is the testimony of a man who is rebuilding, rekindling, redesigning, redeveloping and most importantly redefining what it means to be a father in the 21st Century.

PDF Download / The Child Support Tour The Art of Loving My Children (The Book)

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