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Your name sake, lineage and bloodline, if your GAY does it end with you?

QUESTION FROM A CURIOUS MIND: Comments, answers, suggestions are welcomed.

What happens with your name and blood line if your gay? Can a gay couple (man/woman) continue a bloodline, pass on their name or a family legacy? If homosexuality and sexual fluidity does not create an environment for procreation, how does a family name or legacy continue?

If your gay, does end with you?

I ask with humility and honesty, I pray it does not offend but opens people up to another conversation and peaceful discourse.

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Keisha Culmer
Keisha Culmer
May 27, 2021

Lineage, by definition, is descent from and ancestor, ancestry, or pedigree, or descent, in line, from a common progenitor. This can be achieved artificially through insemination and or surrogate. However, the Epigenomes, or the record of chemical changes to the DNA can be passed down to an organism’s offspring via trans generational stranded epigenetic inheritance. Things such as heightened startle response or even disease Is epigenetic. These genes make us individual. So, it can be as simple as providing sperm or eggs, or, if you are looking to include values, self identity, or things like religion, it can become more complicated. #myTwocents

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