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Don't fall for this scam just because your trying to find a job!


Re: Identity Theft via Job Solicitation on

I am currently looking for a job on I have applied to multiple listings and have been contacted by different companies in regards to my resume being posted on this service.

However, in this case under the guise of a job opportunity, within the parameters of my job experience listed, I was contacted via text (1.310.697.3158) about my resume being posted for a job opportunity:

PROOF READER / TRANSLATOR for Grupo Santillana Company.

The text introduction was professional and informative. I was told if I wanted to schedule an interview that I would have to download the WIREapp via the link they provided. Wire is a collaboration platform for direct messaging. I was provided a verification code TNRP882 and a username @hiringsantillana, to connect and interview with Mrs Steffany James on Wire Business Messenger.

I checked to see if this was a legitimate service, I was able to verify it was. Once I downloaded the app, I signed on using the information I was provided. I logged into the service and provided my verification code. The interview commenced with an thorough introduction, profile of the company and it's mission statement. They proceeded to provide job responsibilities, rate of pay and minimum requirements to obtain this opportunity. The interview proceeded with questions regarding my experience and abilities to respond to scenarios and job requirements. At the conclusion of the interview, I was told that I was approved to proceed to orientation and they requested to verify the name of my bank to see if I was eligible for direct deposit. They requested my full name, address and email. I was instructed that I would be contacted via email with follow up instructions, contract and application. I was to return to the chat message on the Wireapp the following day at 8am and confirm receipt of documents.

The following day, I confirmed receipt of documents via my email that included a contract listing the rate of pay and responsibilities, a blank job application and an IRS W4 form (Employee Withholding Certificate). They were able to also obtain my date of birth and social security number. Upon the completion of these documents, they were to be submitted to the email provided;, accompanied with these documents, a photo copy of my driver's license, front and back. Once they confirmed receipt of my documents, I was provided a list of office supplies required to complete their job assignments. It included a MAC Book Pro lap top, Bar Code Scanner Creator and filing cabinets. I was advised I would be provided a check that would be couriered via FedEx, I would use to pay a list of pre approved vendors to obtain the listed office supplies.

At this time, I realized this was not a legitimate job opportunity. My instincts proved correct when I was able to find a web site posting from the legitimate company Santinalla Group, it advised that they do not complete interviews under the prescribed process. Therefore, I ceased the interview process and decided to report this incident to Nassau County Police Department. This was also reported to the Fede

ral Trade Commission and

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