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A Letter to My Children

A letter to my children,

I am not there with you and I don't know what you listen to or watch. However....

These times ask us all to have a better relationship with ourselves and listen for a higher vibration that we have been trained to tune out. It has been made difficult to tune in to a different frequency, station, channel, website or content library when it all has the same weaponized content. There are evil forces that are coming directly for you. Protect your energy: what you spend time on, the people around you, what you watch, listen to, sit around, eat, any thing you can consume via your eyes, ears, nose, mouth or skin. This is a spiritual and a physical colonization, our bodies and our spirits are our highest commodities. It is what they are after and they will take us dead or alive, it doesn't matter to them as long as we go. Things that we are being exposed to are making us more receptive to the evil energy that is coming for us.

The choices you think you are making are not your own, be mindful and aware.

The masses are running towards the evil that will consume us all as long as we walk to it voluntarily by the things we do everyday.

I copied a link of a post to illustrate what I have been warning you about.

Call me to talk about anything you don't understand.

I Love YOU. Dad.

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