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Leroy Stringer

He was a friend, a voice for his community, a father in his home and an advocate for the spoken word. 

I had the privilege of recording Leroy on a South Dade Connection project by

Termite Treal called Resurrection (AGM 2006).

This particular song was one of this first times I ever tried to produce my own song, then record an artist over it in my own studio.

I created a radio edit friendly version where you can hear Leroy anchor this track into an original peace of spoken word. Hassanah blessed the chorus with that Sadesk energy while Termite sets the tone.

I find it ironic he is featured on an album called Resurrection.

Your words will live on forever my friend.

I am grateful for the opportunity and privilege to work such great artist. 

Thank you Leroy you are my brother

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